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Sunday 4:30 -6pm Private class email to reserve your spot! 

Deepen your yoga with private sessions.

Make an appointment for counseling, psychotherapy. 

Integrate Body Mind Heart with somatic based therapies.

Somatic Experiencing (SEP)

TRE: Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

Yoga Therapy is offered for overall wellness and healing from chronic pain, injuries, illness, anxiety/depression and more.  Find the yoga practice that’s just right for your body/breath, your life, your condition.

 Psychotherapy with licensed MFT psychotherapist. Integrate the counseling process with  Yoga and/or SE ( Somatic Experiencing)  in a process that can address the body, emotions, developmental or shock trauma, attachment issues and family systems.

Make the unconscious conscious to promote well being, awareness and symptom reduction.

Working with Individuals, couples, children and teens.


  Yoga Classes offered in East Bay studios are a dynamic mix of flowing yoga sequences, (Vinyasa and Slow Flow)  and held poses, woven with the teachings of non-dual philosophy,, mindfulness, and humor. Julie’s teaching is warm, inspirational, and adventurous. She has a strong intuitive way of working with healthy alignment, and engaging students to be themselves, as they are.  Group classes or semi-privates can be arranged for your work place or group of friends. Julie also offers classes in her Private yoga studio.

   “Rappaport’s collection of 365 Daily Meditations is a gem.  It was given to me as a gift from a yoga student several years ago.  There is the consistent thread of true yogic wisdom throughout…The author contributes her own wisdom relaying her experience of play, duality, sensitivity, gravity and the infinite.  For me, Rappaport’s voice is in line with the other teachers I connect with most:  Vanda Scaravelli, Sandra Sabatini, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Kooten.”

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Private sessions held in my office/  yoga studio in South Berkeley, California. Zip code: 94703, close to Ashby BART and easy biking, or street parking.