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The Value of Home Practice

   Lately, I have had a few really wonderfully connected home yoga practices. It’s not always that way.  But after listening deeply to what my body needs in my Authentic Movement cohort ( a group of woman peers who have been meeting monthly for about 7 years now),  I have been able to translate that witnessed experience to the unwitnessed one at home.

   When you enter a yoga studio class you become “witnessed.” On the positive side, this means the teacher watches and cares for you and your body/emotions during class. On the not so positive side, this can mean you may feel judged by teacher or fellow students, self-conscious, shy, competitive, seek attention, etc.  When we practice solo we really get to attend to our moment to moment body needs. We practice deep listening without the pressure to perform. It’s a little bit like a young child who can plays alone.  Do you remember those times? How deeply satisfying it was to be within your own uninterrupted play space?  Home practice can be like that.  Joyful and connected.  Sometimes the meaning of yoga becomes so much clearer in this quiet alone space. Today, I was moved to tears by our human incarnation-I discovered  this again through my body moving alone at my own pace.

  Being Witnessed can also be wonderful and enlightening. This is what  I try to pass onto my private students and clients- the safety of being in the body or practicing yoga with support and care.



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