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by on Feb.15, 2010, under Musings on Yoga

Like Brushing your Teeth.

My friend, and inspirational yoga teacher, Mark Whitwell always tells his students not to get too hung up about personal home practice. He says it’s just like brushing your teeth. Something you do everyday. Something that’s as simple and necessary as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. He uses this point to encourage students to commit to a daily practice but without elevating that practice to a level that cannot be achieved like a perfect practice. Simple is perfect. The idea that yoga practice is a practical self- care routine like brushing your teeth takes the pressure off of the yoga itself.

This simple but daily methodology can be applied to other practices as well, like writing. Recently, a writing friend recommended the article, “The Habit of Writing” in the . The article also invokes the daily brushing of teeth with the daily writing of words.
I would add that a ten minute daily yoga or writing practice is indeed like brushing teeth, but that it could evolve to something more involved like flossing, shampooing, conditioning, ironing clothes, etc. Keep it simple and see where it goes. In the end you may have a whole chapter in your hand, or a great foundation built up to take your yoga deeper.


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