Yoga & Psychotherapy

A unique blend of self-understanding through the linking of yoga and psychotherapy awaits you!  I bridge my love for yoga with the depth work of psychology. My work with clients is grounded in the body and sessions vary according to clients’ needs. A session may be focused on dialogue- sharing through words- or through the body, or a combination of both. I draw from my yoga training as well as training in Body Mind Centering ( BMC) and Somatic Experiencing ( SE).

A typical session may begin with a five minute guided meditation, or restorative yoga posture, then move into movement or dialogue. Or a session may begin with a verbal check-in that then leads to expression in yoga or movement as the need arises.   Some sessions are all verbal, some all movement. I meet the client where she/he is in the moment. Read this article for a good overview of how yoga works with psychotherapy:,8599,1891271,00.html


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy may be focused on treatment and prevention of chronic illness, injuries, managing moods, or every day aches and pains. Click here to learn more about these sessions.

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy sessions focus on the psychological (psycho-dynamic, family systems,transpersonal) dimensions of the Self.(body and mind and spirit). Yoga, Authentic Movement, Mindfulness meditation and other practices may be incorporated into the sessions  Click here to learn more about Somatic Psychotherapy and counseling